World's Top 10 Most Notorious Hackers Of All time.

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Technology helps a lot, Technology always keeps us connected with the entire world. We are always connected to each other through Social Media and other ways.
But We are not safe in this Information age, Our data and our information is not safe to Hackers.
They can steal our data and can misuse. Hacking is the most popular topic in the world,
Not all hackers are good, And on the other hand not all hackers are bad. You can call it "Two Aspects Of  Hackers". There are two types of hackers in the world.

i.  White Hat "Hackers''
ii.  Black Hat "Hackers"

 White Hat "Hackers" is known as a ethical hackers comes in good and right category, White hat hackers or ethical hackers use hacking to improve computer and network security. And on the other hand Black Hat "Hackers" come in bad category, Black hat hackers use hacking for financial gain, Theft, Major Damage and they can cause lot of harm, Black Hat Hackers are smart and most destructive than White Hat Hackers.

So Friends,
This post is about "World's  Most Notorious Hackers Of All time". They are smart and most destructive hackers of  all time, They used hacking for financial gain and major losses.

1st. Kevin Mitnick :- 

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Kevin Mitnick is the most notorious hacker of all time, He is father of all hackers. Kevin Mitnick is one of the most notorious hacker in 20th century, The U.S. Department Of Justice called him the most wanted cyber criminal in the world. According to the  U.S. Department Of Justice, He was very obsessed with computers at the very young age. The first time Mitnick obtained unauthorized access in 1979 when he was only 16 years old. He stole corporate secrets of millions of dollars from IBM, Nokia, Motorola and other mobile companies, And eventually The Pentagon. 
He was finally arrested in 1995 at his apartment in the North Carolina. Mitnick served 5 years in the prison. After 5 years, He was released in January 21th, 2000. 
Now Kevin Mitnick is a computer security consultant, Public Speaker And Author for computer security. 

2nd. Jonathan James :- 

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Jonathan James was an American hacker, Who started hacking at at the very small age. At the age of 15 Jonathan break NASA security and access 13 computers, He stole software and information worth $1.7 Million. After this, the agency closed its system for 21 days. Jonathan had become the first person in entire world who hacked DOD [Department Of Defense].   
After several weeks of investigation, DOD Agents, NASA and Police Department were finally ordered to enter Jonathan's home and apprehend the hacker. Jonathan James was sentenced to seven month house arrest. On May 18, 2008, Jonathan James was found dead in his shower with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He committed suicide and ended his life. 

3rd. Adrian Lamo :- 

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Adrian Lamo Alwood was an American threat analyst and hacker, Lamo is best known for hacking into major corporations such as Yahoo, The New York Times. Bank Of America, City Group And Microsoft, But one thing that made them more famous, they used public internet connection to hack these major sites. Because of his modest lifestyle, he was given the nickname of "Homeless Hacker". 
In 2004, After Being Caught, he was given 6 months house arrest and ordered to pay $65,000 in restitution. Adrian Lamo died on March 14, 2018 at the age of 37.

4th. Jeanson James Ancheta :- 

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Jeanson James Ancheta is an American Hacker, Jeanson James Ancheta was the first hacker who made Botnet {A group of Hijacked computer, that worked together for illegal activities}. Around 2004, He started to work with Botnet after discovering RxBOT (A Common Computer Worm). 
It gave him control over 500,000 computers, including U.S. military computers, He used that network for financial gain, He accepted payments from client to shut down specific websites.
In November 2005, He was captured in an elaborate sting operation, He served 5 years in jail. 

5th. Garry Mckinnon :- 

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Garry Mckinnon is a Scottish hacker, He was mastermind of the biggest military computer hacks of all time, US Department convicted him for total 97 computer hacks of U.S. Military and NASA Computer system between 2001 and 2002. With in the period of 24 hours, He deleted critical files including weapon log, Crashed a network of 2,000 computers, Stole passwords and copies files.  
The total hacking damage cost was $700,000. 

6th. Vladimir Levin :- 

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Vladimir Levin is a Russian Hacker, He is known to steal $10.7 million from Citibank's computer. While working with a Dial-up Connection and a laptop, He accessed the accounts of several large corporate clients of Citibank and stole $10.7 million. 
In March 1995, Levin arrested on the London Airport, Levin was delivered U.S. Custody in September 1997, And February 1998, He was convicted and sentenced to 3 years in prison.   
Citibank claimed that $6 Million were never recovered. 

7th Matthew Bevan & Richard Pryce :- 

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In 1996, Matthew Bevan and Richard Pryce hacked several military networks such as Pentagon, Grafis Air Force Base, Defense Information Systems Agency and Korean Nuclear Research Institute (KARI). 
Matthew Bevan And Richard Pryce are British Hacker, they used to work as both teams. Bevan was 21 and Pryce was a 16 year old boy. Regular hackers who only steal money or make viruses But these two guy were hacking to start war. 

8th. Albert Gonzalez :-

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Albert Gonzalez is an American hacker and a cyber criminal. In the 2 years of period, He stole more than 175 million credit card details and founded, Members of this site were able to buy or sell the stolen Bank Account Number, Fake Passport, Credit Card and Debit Card Details. 
Gonzalez was arrested by FBI at the National Hotel Florida in may 2008. Gonzalez is currently serving his 20 years sentenced at the federal correction institution.

9th. Astra :- 

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World is unknown about "Astra", Whose real name never revealed. This notorious hacker hacked very high profile weapons technology data and software, Astra sells information to people and organizations all over the world. Nobody know about Astra, Nobody knows how much money he has made from hacking. The total hacking costs have been estimated between $250 Million to $361 Million. Astra has never publicly identify, Rumors say that "He is 58 Year Old Mathematician and is serving six years in the jail somewhere".   

10th. Michael Calce :- 

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Michael Calce is a Canadian hacker, He has known as his high profile cyber attack, Against large commercial website including Yahoo,, Dell Inc, Ebay And CNN.
He was caught after bragging about the attack in an IRC Chat room for which he got eight month in the jail, because he was in high school.     

So Guys,
 In this post, You read about "World's Top 10 Most Notorious Hackers Of All time.".There are lots of Hackers in the world, I just choose the best one and most popular of all time. So who is your favorite hacker in this list, Share your Comment and i will follow with you.

Please give your important feedback in comment section, so we can help you as much as possible.

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