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World's Top 10 Most Notorious Hackers Of All time.

Image Source:  Google Image Hello Friends  🌝🌝🌝 Welcome To TechTAJ.Com.    Technology helps a lot, Technology always keeps us connected with the entire world. We are always connected to each other through Social Media and other ways. But We are not safe in this Information age, Our data and our information is not safe to Hackers . They can steal our data and can misuse. Hacking is the most popular topic in the world, Not all hackers are good, And on the other hand not all hackers are bad. You can call it "Two Aspects Of  Hackers". There are two types of hackers in the world. i.  White Hat "Hackers'' ii.  Black Hat "Hackers"   White Hat "Hackers"  is known as a ethical hackers comes in good and right category, White hat hackers or ethical hackers use hacking to improve computer and network security. And on the other hand Black Hat "Hackers"  come in bad category, Black hat hackers use hacking for financial

15 Best travel apps Globally.

                                                                  Google Image Hello friends  🌝🌝🌝 Welcome to   TechTAJ.Com In this article i will tell you about   some  very incredible and amazing travel apps for a global trip. One of the best experiences is traveling, whether you are solo  traveler  or travelling in a group, you learn a lot of things and life lessons during the trip.  We have done a lot of research to choose this best application for you. I hope this travel app will help you find the best way to travel, and your holidays will become more safe and enjoyable. And now you have all the necessary tools to make your holidays amazing. You can easily install all these apps from  Apple's App Store  and  Google Play Store . These apps will make your next trip easier and Joyful.  So let's begin....... 1➤  SkyScanner    SkyScanner is the all in one travel app here you can easily search flights, hotels and cars in one place. You can

How To Buy Best Power Bank ?

Image Source:  Google Image Hello Friends,  🌝🌝🌝 Welcome To TechTAJ.COM .  We are becoming more tech friendly, Today our smartphones play an important role in our life. Our Smartphone always works for us. We Spend lots of time on social media, Watch movies, And check Facebook every minute.  Now the smartphones come with an impressive battery life, but still I think this is not enough for our everyday use. What's life without being able to be connected to the world 24 hours ? Choose the fuel for your smartphone and other electronic devices.  A power bank can be a good companion for your smartphone, You can easily charge your smartphone 3-4 times with the Power Bank, And stay connected to the world without any worries about losing battery.    So friends  In this post, I'm giving you some buying tips, These tips will be very useful for you. You must follow these tips before purchasing a Power Bank. 1st. Capacity :-    Image Source:  Google Imag