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How To Buy Best Bluetooth Speaker ?

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I'm writing post after a long time, And I've come up with a wonderful post.

Maximum time our smartphone speakers are not able to produce good quality of sound, And you can't move your bulky music system around all the time.
So in that case Bluetooth Speakers is most useful device for us because they are small, portable, easy to use, And most importantly, you can use it anytime anywhere.
The problem is that markets and online shopping sites are full of many Bluetooth speakers,
So how you can choose best Bluetooth Speaker in this situation ??

So Guys,
This post is a guideline for those who want to buy a Bluetooth Speaker.   I will tell you 5 Important points. Before purchasing a Bluetooth speaker, you should follow these points  You can easily follow these guidelines and can buy best Bluetooth Speaker under your budget.

1st. Price :-
Price is the most important point, Bluetooth Speakers come in several price point.
Bluetooth speak…