Top 33 Best And Very Useful Website For Your Daily Uses.

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In this post i will tell you about some very incredible and very useful website in the technological world. I hope you like this post.
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1➤ Privnote

With Privnote you can share confidential notes via web link which will be automatically deleted after reading. You can use Privnote with 3 easy steps.
A. Write a note, encrypt it, and get the link.
B. Send the link, which you want to read this note.
C. After reading by the recipient, the note itself will be destroyed.
     It`s simple and secure.

2➤ GetNotify

This is the free email tracking service, that inform you that the email sent by you is opened and read by the recipient.
And your recipient will not know that you have sent a tracked email.

3➤ wikiHow

With wikiHow you can learn anything  you want. This popular website is help you and guide you how to do anything. This website aims to create the world`s most helpful how-to instructions to enable everything in the world to learn how to do anything.

4➤ TwoFoods

TwoFoods is a good online comparison tool that compares the nutrition data of two types of food, to see which food is healthy for you. This food comparison tool will help you achieve your healthy eating goal. 

5➤ Cool Interesting Stuff

This website is the largest collection of obscure mysteries, strange stories, conspiracies, secretes places and unusual events, so here you will find all the interesting things.

6➤ TypeRacer

TypeRacer is the award-winning browser based online game. This is the first multiplayer typing game on web. TypeRacer is a typing-based game,where you can run it by typing it with your opponent.
This game is available in 50 languages and is also available on Google Play.
If you play regularly, than this game enhances your typing ability, this is a very easy typing game on the web.

7➤ Instructables

You can create whatever you want with this website. You can find useful and knowledgeable instructions, online classes and vibrant communities, whatever you want to do, Indestructible is a place that gives you the ability to create documents and share your composition.
And its Slogan(s) is "Explore.Share.Make"

8➤ Sleeping In Airports

Find the best and the worst airports in the world. This website will guide you to find the best airports and worst airports through reviews and useful tips. It will help you to find to airport lounges and airport hotels.

9➤ CV Maker

Create  Professional Resumes, CVs and bio-data online for free with CV Maker. Write your Resume effortlessly with the super simple interface. And it will be secured with 256 bit SSL encryption.
You can always share your Professional Resume and CV online with anyone. It is secure and it support to various format like- PDF, HTML and TXT.
It is also available on Google Play.

10➤Virus Total

Virus Total is the free online service that analyzes files and URLs enabling viruses, worms, trojans and other identified by malicious content detected by antivirus. It`s also available on Google Play.


WOBZIP is a free online platform where you can easily open your compressed file online.


The simplest and the most popular URL shortener and link management platform. It is also avilable on Google Play.


GTmetrix is a free online monitoring tool that measures the performance of your website. 

14➤Google URL Shortener

It is also knows as It creates URLs into short form. It converts URL in QR Codes, where you can share your URL with your friends.

15➤Documentary Heaven

One of the best website in technological world. Documentary Heaven is a site filled with thousands of free documentaries that you can watch for free, so come on in embrace the very useful and informative knowledge.


HowStuffWorks is a best educational website whereby you can find to learn how to world actually work.
Here you can find any topic and get useful information to know how everything works properly.
 It`s also available on Google Play.


 Supercook is a recipe search engine that let you search by ingredients you have at home, just add your ingredients and Supercook instantly find matching recipes from the most popular cooking websites.


This is a very useful free website for designing your home in 3D. Here you can create 3D house, interier decoration and beautiful design for your home. It is available on Google Play, then start your  home decor with Homestyler.

19➤HomeTips is a great website for improving your home. In this website you can read helpful articles for managing your home repair problems and repairing your own home.

20➤Jotti malware scan

Jotti's malware scan is a free service that allows you to scan suspicious files with many anti-virus programs. Here you can submit 5 files at the same time. There is a 100 MB limit per file.


This website is a global flight tracker where you can track your flight globally, it is also available on Google Play.

22➤Online Conversion

This is very useful online converting tool. Here you can convert anything and everything you want.


 Canva is a free graphic design tool. With the help of this website you can create beautiful design for your blog or web. you can also design your Facebook cover, presentation, posters, flyer with the help of Canva.
Wolfram Alpha is a well-known search engine, where you can find some deep and expert level knowledge for different topics. It's also available on Google Play.

25➤10 Minute Mail

10 minute mail is a free, disposable e-mail service. This gives you a 10 minute temporary email address, this service is useful for unreliable websites and spam to protect your privacy.

26➤ is a paid service tool, where you can take notes quickly and efficiently during the meeting.


 Live Stream is a live streaming platform that allows you to watch live events and broadcast live events.


Wikitravel is free, complete, up-to-date and a very reliable worldwide travel guide. And it is one of the best travel guides in the world.

29➤Old version

Old version provides free software downloads for old versions of programs, drivers and games, now you can get older versions of software when your computer is not compatible with new version of software.


Gutenberg is the largest collection of e-books,here you can read all interesting books online.

31➤Internet Archive:

 Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. Here you can find anything.

32➤Hide My Ass

The world`s best top rated VPN(Virtual Private Network) service. This is a great software tool for all those who want total security, privacy and surfing freely without web restriction.
It`s works on all your devices such as Desktop, Mobiles and Tablet etc. it is also available on the  Google Play Store and Apple Store.

With this website you will find more information about your tech related questions, Gadget News And Reviews, Tech News, Tech Tips-Tricks, Tech Tutorials, and lots of more about technology.
You can also read all the posts and always keep up- to- date about the latest technology.

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