Top 10 Best Web Browsers For Android.

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Web browsers are the most common, Important And Very Useful apps of a Smartphone.
It plays an important role for us.
But mostly people choose their favorite web browser and stick with it for year. It can be
very difficult to break your comfort zone with your old web browser.
Okay Stop.
Now time is changed. Play Store is already full of many web browsers, Some are best and some are worst.

So we'll tell you the "Top 10 best Web Browsers For Your Smartphone". And believe me, You will easily forget your old and boring browser.
All web browsers will give you the best experience, including a great user interface and all are very safe and very reliable.

1st ➤ Dolphin Web Browser :-

Dolphin browser is one of the best freeware mobile browser for Android And iOS.
If you want best user experience, Go for the dolphin browser. It supports many good features such as
Flash player, Theming, Ad-blocker (Pop-Up Blocker), Personalized Search, Fast Download, Incognito Mode/Private Mode, Gesture Control, Sonar etc.
You can download dolphin web browser from play store.

2nd ➤ Lighting Web Browser :-

Lighting Web Browser is a good and reliable web browser. It comes with simple user interface, Which is good.
Lighting browser is a fast web browser that focuses on simplicity, security and efficiency.
It uses material design, Does not track you and offers you many option to protect your privacy.
It comes with many other features such as Reading Mode, Search suggestion, Ad blocker Etc.
You can Lighting web browser from play store.

3rd ➤ Brave Browser :-

Brave Browser makes your browsing experience more and faster. It comes with Built-in Ad blocker, Which gives you seamless and ad free browsing experience. It can block third party cookies, Block script and it has HTTPS everywhere for security.
It also supports many other feature such as Battery Optimization, Data Optimization, Tracking Protection, Third Party Cookies Blocking, Bookmarks, History, Private Tabs Etc.
It is a free web browser that you can easily get from the play store.

4th ➤ Opera Browser :- 

If you want to save your data then go for Opera browser.
Opera browser is a data saving browser, which also support Built-in Ad Blocker.
Opera comes with two different types of web browser
1st. Opera Browser - This is standard and pro version.
2nd. Opera Mini Browse - Opera Mini is a light version of Opera browser.

The both browser supports lots of basic feature such as Sleek New Look, Ads Block, Data Saver Mode, Force Zoom, News Feed Etc.

5th ➤ Mozilla Firefox :-

Mozilla Firefox by Mozilla is a free based web browser, It's one of the on the most popular, powerful and solid web browser on play store.
If you want a fast browser and want lots of customization, then Mozilla Firefox is built for you.
It supports lots of good and impressive Features such as Ad Blocker, Quick Share, Intuitive Protect Yourself From Hackers Etc. 
It's also improves battery life.

6th ➤ Puffin Browser :-

An other unique name, Puffin is a web browser released by Cloudmosa.
Puffin browser is a fast browser, You can experience it.
it also comes with impressive features such as Cloud Protection, Flash Protection, Virtual Track Pad And Game Pad, Colorful Theme (For Sidebar and Toolbar), Incognito Mode Etc.

7th ➤ Samsung Internet Browser Beta :-

Giant smartphone making company Samsung has launched their web browser as Samsung Internet Browser. Samsung web browser is a good and decent web browser on Play store.
Samsung Browser is also full with impressive and smart features such as Tap Swipe, Quick Menu, High Contrast Menu, Web Payments, Video assistant Etc.
And the browser supports 360 Degree Video, Virtual Reality.

8th ➤ Mozilla Firefox Focus :- 

Mozilla Firefox is good for normal user and general purpose, But if you're hard core net-surfer and privacy and security is your first priority, then Firefox focus is built for you.
It's fast, more secure and more private web browser.
The web browser supports many security features such as Streamlined Feature, Built-In Ad Blocker, Prevent To Tracking Programs And Periodically reminds you to erase your browsing history.

9th ➤ Naked Browser :- 

Naked browser has a very simple and minimal user interface. Naked browser is symbol of fast net surfing, That provides you best and fast result without any ads.
It uses less data and gives you the best browsing experience. Once you get to know the simplicity of the browser, You will be addicted to the browsing experience.   

10th ➤ Google Chrome :- 

Google chrome is the last browser in the list, And this is one of the most powerful and popular web browser and It's also a most downloaded web browser on play store.
google chrome is a fast, easy to use and secure browser, Designed for android, chrome brings personalized news articles and quick links to your favorite sites.
Chrome gives you permission to download entire webpages with just one tap and view offline.
Chrome protect your phone with google safe browsing.

So Friends
In this post, You learned about "Top 10 Best Web Browsers For Android". And please give your important feedback in comment section. 

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