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Top 10 websites that will teach you coding.

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 According to me,  Learning the code is one of  the most difficult thing.  Are you looking ? how to learn code ??
Yes here's the way. We are living in 21 century and you have millions of resources out there, you can easily go there and learn computer programming.

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In This Post, We are going to tell you "Top 10 websites that will teach you coding". You can visit these 10 great website and learn coding easily.

1st. Codecademy :- Codecadaemy is one of the best online platform and most popular online training website for beginners and also for professional.  Where you learn coding in free, codecademy offers you courses to learn the code.  As a blogger. I felt that codecademy is the one of the best website for learn coding and website design.  you can choose to learn specific coding languages such as HTML, CSS, Java Script, J Query, PHP, Python, Ruby etc. Codecademy has a simple interface, It is very helpful for beginners…

Top 33 Best And Very Useful Website For Your Daily Uses.

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In this post i will tell you aboutsome very incredible and very useful website in the technological world. I hope you like this post.
 So let's go.......

1➤ Privnote With Privnote you can share confidential notes via web link which will be automatically deleted after reading. You can use Privnote with 3 easy steps.
A. Write a note, encrypt it, and get the link. B. Send the link, which you want to read this note.
C. After reading by the recipient, the note itself will be destroyed.
     It`s simple and secure.
2➤GetNotify This is the free email tracking service, that inform you that the email sent by you is opened and read by the recipient.
And your recipient will not know that you have sent a tracked email.

3➤wikiHow With wikiHow you can learn anything  you want. This popular website is help you and guide you how to do anything. This website aims to create the world`s most helpful how-to instructions to enable everything in the world to learn …

Best Smart Use Of Your Old Smartphone

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Technology is changing itself everyday. Today's the most important thing is smartphone, And everyone likes smartphones and always want an advance phone. On the other hand, Almost Every year all smartphone manufacturers launch their smartphones. Some are flagship and some are mid range and budget range, And generally people change their smartphone once every two year.
So what to do with your old smartphone ? Don't Worry, There are lots of creative idea that will help you to reuse your old smartphone.
So In This Post, We are going to tell you "Best Smart Use Of Your Old Smartphone". All are proven effective and practical, and you can easily follow them.  

1st. Use It As A Surveillance Camera  
Security is something which everyone wants in their life but in reality no one want to spend money on it. So you can use second option, Yes it's free and works very effective.  So lots of old smartphones come with good camera and y…

Top 10 Best Web Browsers For Android.

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Web browsers are the most common, Important And Very Useful apps of a Smartphone.
It plays an important role for us.
But mostly people choose their favorite web browser and stick with it for year. It can be
very difficult to break your comfort zone with your old web browser.
Okay Stop.
Now time is changed. Play Store is already full of many web browsers, Some are best and some are worst.

So we'll tell you the "Top 10 best Web Browsers For Your Smartphone". And believe me, You will easily forget your old and boring browser.
All web browsers will give you the best experience, including a great user interface and all are very safe and very reliable.

1st ➤ Dolphin Web Browser :-

Dolphin browser is one of the best freeware mobile browser for Android And iOS.
If you want best user experience, Go for the dolphin browser. It supports many good features such as
Flash player, Theming, Ad-blocker (Pop-Up Blocker), Personal…