Top 10 Best And Most Useful Websites For Students

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The Internet is changing everything, it's affecting our daily lives very much, Now we can do almost everything using the internet. Internet is the important source of information, it has become very important for college students.
And this article is also for college students.
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In this article, I will tell you "Top 10 Best And Most Useful Websites For Students". As a new College student, You have to learn a lot of new information and that all website will help you learn many new things.
So Here's Is The List

1st ➤  Edx.Org 

Edx is the one of the best website for college students. Edx is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provider. Edx offering high quality courses from the world's best university and institution (Such as MIT, Harvard, Berkeley etc)  to learners everywhere.

2nd ➤ BigThink.Com 

BigThink.Com  is an other good website for college students. BigThink is a knowledge forum for almost everyone. The website offers us infinite data such as News, Stories, Education Based Articles, Videos etc.
Not only as a student but as a person, You can learn a lot of things from BigThink.

3rd ➤ HowCast.Com 

HowCast is the good website, which provides many educational information on various topics
such as Art, Dance, Food, Money & Education, Technology etc.
So you can easily choose your subjects and can get more information about it.

4th ➤ Khan Academy 

Khan Academy is one of the best website. This is a free online coaching platform, Students who can not afford a coaching, can refer to this website. It has almost all subjects such as Math, Science, Computer, Art & Humanities, Economics etc.

5th ➤ TED.Com 

TED stand for Technology Entertainment And Design. The TED is only site, Where you can find all the video related to this topics and watch them to get ideas for your next essay.

6th ➤ Academy Earth 

Academy Earth is a MOOC website such as Edx. It's giving everyone on earth access to a world class education. It gives you open courseware from the world's top rank universities. So as a new student you can learn a lot of things from this website.

7th ➤  WikiHow 

WikiHow is a very common but very useful site, not only for students but also for everyone.
Everyone can visit WikiHow.
WikiHow is the world's most popular "How-To" website. It provides world's best articles on almost every topic because the average WikiHow article has been edited by 23 people and reviewed by 16 people.

8th ➤ Coursera 

Coursera is also a MOOC online educational website like Edx and AcademyEarth. That provide you online courses from top ranked universities such as Stanford, Yale etc.
So you can choose your catalog and read about it on Coursera.

9th ➤  Wikipedia 

Yes, Wikipedia is also in our list, This is most common website on internet but also a very important website, not only for students but also for everyone.
Wikipedia is a multilingual web-based free content encyclopedia. Generally you can find every answer at Wikipedia.

10th ➤ Codecademy 

If you'r a student of computer science and face lots of problem in coding,
So Codecademy is one of the most innovative educational site in the field of computer science.
That offers free coding classes in 12 different programming languages including JAVA, PHP, Python, Script, Ruby, SQL etc.


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In this article, You learned about "Top 10 Best And Most Useful Websites For Students". And please give your important feedback in comment section. 

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