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Android Vs iOS, Which One Is The Best ?

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We had several option from 2000 to 2015, which was Symbian, Bada, Windows, BlackBerry, Android and iOS. But now Time have changed and we have only 2 great option which are "Android And iOS". 
Then the question is that, which is better for you.
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In This Article, I will tell you " what is different between Android And iOS, And which is better for you".

1st ➤ User Interface :- 

The very first thing comes our mind, That is User Interface,
Apple's iOS User Interface much better than android, If you are a Non-Technical person, So in cause
You can easily use iOS.
Its user interface is easy and simple.
And the other hand, If you love customization and widgets on your home screen then you can go for Android, Because you can easily customize your phone.

2nd ➤ Speed :-

Second thing is Speed,  We are living in  21st century and speed is a major part for us.
In OS comparison, iOS is littel bit faster than Android in alm…

Top 10 Most Popular Games For Android Smartphone.

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Games are very popular for almost everyone.
Some People love action games, Some people love non-action games, Some people love strategy games.
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So Friends,
In this article, I will tell you "Top 10 Most Popular Games For Android.
The all games are very popular and very addictive.

1st #  N.O.V.A. Legacy :-

"N.O.V.A. Legacy" gives you best Science fiction experience. This is a action game develop by Gameloft. It comes in various game mode Such as Story Mode, Shadow Events And Special Ops.
You can test your gaming skill in multiplayer arenas.
Game has good control and good graphics.

2nd # Clash Of Clans :-

"Clash Of Clans" is a epic combat strategy game, It's also my favorite.
Network connection is also required for "Clash Of Clans".
In this game, You build your village, Train your troops and go to battle with your troops.
This is most addictive game.

3rd # Asphalt 8: Airborne :- 

"Asphalt 8: Airborne"is a high graphic…

Top 10 Coolest Tech Gadgets.

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No Doubt 'Gadgets' makes our life easier. Not only smartphone, But others gadget are playing an important role in our daily life.
So Friends,
In this article, I will tell you "Top 10 Coolest Tech Gadgets".
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1st ➤ UE Boom 2 :-

'UE Boom 2' is a powerful waterproof Bluetooth speaker, And this is best Bluetooth speaker in this price range.
It supports good battery life and supports NFC, Its range is 10 meters.

2nd ➤ Philips Hue :- 

Philips hue is not a bulb, This is a smart bulb.
It support 16 millions colors, You can change colors remotely.

3rd ➤ Samsung Gear S3 :-

'Samsung Gear S3' is the best smartwatch ever.
It supports several unique features, It comes with super AMOLED  display, And also supports Gorilla Glass protection.

4th ➤ Bose QuietComfort-35 :-

'Bose QuietComfort-35' is a wireless Headphone, Bose QC-35 wireless headphone are engineered with world-cl…

Top 10 Best YouTube Channels.

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Play, Like, Share, And Subscribe has become a part of our daily life.
Almost all of us use YouTube everyday, And there are so many channels and videos.
Some video are good, Some are best, Some are totally waste.

So Friends,
In this article, I will tell you "Top 10 Best YouTube Channels".
This article can help you.

1st ★ PewDiePie :-

'PewDiePie' is the most subscribed YouTube Channel and most viewed YouTube Channel,
'PewDiePie' is a comedy based channel, This channel is hosted by 'Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg'.
According to Force "'PewDiePie' As The Highest Earning YouTube Channel With its Annual Income Reaching $15 Million ".

2nd ★ Smosh :- 

Another popular comedy channel on YouTube, 'Smosh' is a famous sketch comedy channel created by
Ian Andrew And Daniel Anthony.
'Smosh' is a most Subscribed  and Most viewed YouTube Channel.
'Smosh' has over 22 million Subscribers.


Top 10 Best Facts About Facebook.

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Facebook is the most largest and most popular social site in the world,
And this is the most visited website after google.

So Friends,
In this article, I will tell you "Top 10 Best Facts About Facebook".
This is very interesting.

1st ★ Why Facebook Is Blue :-

There is a big reason behind this.
Facebook Founder And CEO Mark Zuckerberg Suffers from Red-Green color blindness.

2nd ★ Lowest Paid Employee :- 

Just think about this. What is the salary of CEO Mark Zuckerberg, People thinks million or billions.
But Mark Zuckerberg is lowest paid employee in Facebook.
Their annual salary is just $1.

3rd ★ Fastest Growing Company :-

Yes, Facebook is one of the most fastest growing company in the world. And Mark Zuckerberg is the most youngest richest person in the world.

4th ★ Facebook User :-

About 2 Billion world wide monthly active user of Facebook, And 1 Billion People login every day.
And about 95% Americans are active on Facebook. This i…

Top 10 Best Apps For Your Android Device.

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No doubt, Apps are making our life easier And faster. We use a lot of apps in our daily life,
Just Like Google Map, Facebook, Instagram, Music Apps etc.

And the other hand, Google Play Store is already full with millions of Android apps.
Some are useful, Some are very useful And Some are totally waste.
So Friends,
In this article, We have selected "Top 10 Best Apps For Your Android Devices"
That will make your life more easier.

1st 🟊  LastPass Password Manager :-

Mostly people do a very common mistake, They make difficult password for different apps and they easily forget.
LastPass Password Manager is solution for those people, Who create strong passwords and forget it  easily.
LastPass is password managing and a secure vault app, That lock your password and  your personal information in secure vault.  
You can easily install it, This is secure and reliable application.

   Rating On PlayStore :-      4.6 Out Of 5 
               No. O…

Top 10 Facts About Technology.

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Technology and tech products are making our life easier and faster. And the other hand, We are becoming more dependent on this.
It's playing important role in almost every-field and every-time.

So Friend,
In this article I will tell you," Top 10 Facts About Technology".
It's very interesting and very joyful.

1st #  The First Smartphone :-

IBM launched 'IBM Simon' in 1994. 'IBM Simon' was the world's first 'Touch Screen' phone.
It's also referred as 'The FirstSmartphone'.
But it was very expensive product.

2nd #  Smartphone Vs Computer :-

Smartphone and Computer have become a part of our daily life.
But Do You Know !
According To A Survey,
About 1 Billion Computers (Desktops, Laptops, And Servers) were sold from 1975 to 2008.
And the other hand,
About 1 Billion smartphones were sold in only 2013.
So Smartphones are Our First Choice.

3rd #  The First Computer Mouse Made By Wood :-

The fir…