Top 7 Hacks About WhatsApp.

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So Friends,
Whatsapp messenger is a free messaging app. It's a most popular messaging application in the world.
More than 1 billion people in over 180 Countries use whatsapp to stay in touch with friends, Family and Relatives .
Whatsapp is making our life easier. It support many several features like free calls (Use Internet Data), Video calls, Group chats etc.

But Do You know Some Hacks About Whatsapp ?
In this article, I will tell you "Some Best Hacks About Whatsapp".

1st ➽ Hide Your Profile Picture :-

This is very important feature for every WhatsApp user. If you don't want, Other People (Who Are Not In Your Contact List) see your profile picture.
You can easily hide your profile picture.
Just Open WhatsApp And Click To,
Menu Bar (Three Dots At Corner) > Setting  > Account > Privacy > Profile Photo > Click On 'My Contacts'.
And If you want , No one can see your profile Picture
Just Open 'Menu Bar' (Three Dots At Corner) >   Setting  > Account > Privacy > Profile Photo > Click On 'Nobody'.

2nd ➽ Backup Your Conversation In Google Account :-

You can easily take backup of your important messages and media to google drive.
And can restore them when you re-install Whatsapp.
To Take Chat Backup In Google Drive, Just open Whatsapp,
 Go To 'Menu Bar'     (Three Dots At Corner) > Setting  > Chats > Chats Backup > (Select Your Google Account) Backup.    

3rd ➽ Disable Read Receipt (Blue Ticks) :-

A read receipts confirms that message opened by receiver.
"A single tick means that the message was successfully sent  from your phone, But receiver has not read it".
"Two ticks means that message was successfully sent and it was successfully read by the receiver".
 If you want, You can hide read receipt  feature in WhatsApp
First To All, Open WhatsApp,
Go To 'Menu Bar'(Three Dots At Corner) > Setting > Privacy > Unchecked  'Read Receipt' Feature.
Note :- "If you turn off  'read receipt' feature, You won't able to see read receipts from other people.
              Read receipts are always sent for group chats".

4th ➽ Use Multiple WhatsApp Account In A Single Phone :-

Do you want to use multiple Whatsapp account in a single phone ?
But Whatsapp does not support this feature.
Don't worry
'Parallel Space - Multi Accounts' Give you offer, This is a free application. You can download it from Play Store and run multiple accounts of the same at once.
One of the top ranked application on Play Store and more than 80 Million User use it.
It is a safe, Easy to use, And useful.

5th ➽ Hide Your Last Seen :-

If you don't want, Other people know your 'Last Seen'.
WhatsApp give you offer, To hide your last seen.
Just Open WhatsApp,
Just Open 'Menu Bar' (Three Dots At Corner) >   Setting  > Account > Privacy > Last Seen > Click On 'Nobody'. 
Note :- If you don't share your last seen, You won't be able to see other people's last seen.

6th ➽ Turn Off Auto Media Downloading :-

One of the most common annoyances with WhatsApp is that, It automatically download media files (Photo, Video, Audio).
It is a default feature of WhatsApp.
But no more,
You can stop whatsApp auto media downloading feature and save your data.
First to all, 
Just Open 'Menu Bar' (Three Dots At Corner) >   Setting  > Data Usages > When Using Mobile Data (And Unchecked all option) > Okay 

7th ➽ Use WhatsApp On Your Computer :-

You can use your WhatsApp account on your computer without using any Third-Party Application.
WhatsApp give you feature to open your WhatsApp account on computer.
First to all,
Open Your Computer (Desktop/Laptop) And type '',  You will get a QR Code on your computer display. 
Open WhatsApp in your phone and Go to  'Menu Bar' (Three Dots At Corner) > WhatsApp Web > Scan That QR Code To Your Phone. 
Once the QR code is scanned the WhatsApp web application will open automatically on your computer.

Note :- You can also access someone else's WhatsApp account using this method. 

So Friends,
In this article, You learned about "Top 7 WhatsApps Hacks". And if you have any question, you can ask me in comment section.

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