Top 10 Secret Facts About Apple.

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Apple is really a big giant at now.
Apple is a most Valuable,  Most Profitable and the Most Largest IT (Information Technology) company in the world. And it's more famous than other companies

But do you know all secret about Apple ?
Mostly people don't know about these secrets and interesting Facts.
Well Guys,
In this article, I will tell you "Top 10 Interesting  Facts About Apple".

1st ✴  Apple Was Founded By Three Founders :-

Mostly people know, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are founder of Apple.Inc,
But mostly don't know, Apple was founded by three founders in 1976.
1st      Steve Jobs 
2nd     Steve Wozniak 
3rd      Ronald Wayne
After 2 weeks, Ronald Wayne left Apple.Inc and sold his 10% market share of Apple for $800 USD.
The most shocking part is that, His share would now be worth over $76 Billion USD.

2nd ✴  Apple Has More Cash Than US (United State) Treasury :-

Do you Know Apple has lots of cash than The US Government ?
According To A Survey,
Apple has four time as much cash as US Treasury.
Apple has over $200 Billion USD. And the other hand, US Government has only $50 Billion USD.
It's most interesting fact about Apple.

3rd ✴ The First Personal Computer With Mouse :-

Apple launched 'Lisa Computer' In 1983, And 'Lisa' was the personal computer to offer a Graphical User Interface (GUI). It mean, You could used mouse.
But it was biggest flop of Apple.

4th ✴ Bulletproof Computer ! :-

Many People Say or they know, Apple's Mac Computer and their battery are bulletproof
Really ?
It's a big myth about Apple's Computers.
All Apple's Computer are solid and tough, But they are not Bulletproof.

5th ✴ Most Profitable Company :-

Apple is the most profitable company in the world.
No other companies are around Apple.
Last year Apple reported earning of  $54 Billion USD.

6th ✴ Apple Has Sold Over 1.5 Billion iOS Devices. 

Finally Apple has sold over 1.5 Billion iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, Smartwatch),
In the near Future,
It can become world's Bestseller Products.

7th ✴ Apple's First Logo :-

Do you know what is the first logo of Apple ?
The Apple's first Logo designed by Ronald Wayne.
The Logo described "Sir Issac Newton Sitting Under An Apple Tree".

8th ✴ If Apple Goes For Shopping :-

  I Know, It's funny. But Just Think About it.
If Apple goes on shopping, It can buy maximum global Companies.
It can buy Twitter, Snapchat, Xiaomi And Airbnb companies with its only earning of one quarter.
So be secure guys.

9th ✴ Why The Time Is Always Set To 9:41 In Every Apple Advertisement :-

There is no any secret reason.
The reason is,
 In June 28th, 2007 at 9:41 A.M., Mr. Steve Jobs announced the world's first iPhone (iPhone 1st Generation).

10th ✴ Most Popular Apple Product :- 

Apple's all products are stylish,  Tough And Value For Money.
But the iPhone Is the most popular apple product, Apple sold over 800 Millions iPhone.
First iPhone Launched In 2007 as 'iPhone 1st Generation'  

So Friends,
In this article, You learned about "Top 10 Secrets Facts Android". And if you have any question, you can ask me in comment section.

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