Top 10 Secret Android Tips And Tricks

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Almost Maximum number of user use Android devices(Phones And Tablets). No doubt, It's the most popular smartphone Operating system in the world.
But do you know all the secrets about android ?
Maximum user don't know about these tricks.
So Friends,
In this article, I will tell you "Top 10 Secrets About Android". And you can simply follow it, Because these all tips are very important and very useful.

1st ➽ Enable Developer Option :-

Do you know about it ?
This is a hidden feature of android. If you want to take more control of your device, So i'm suggesting for android built-in feature, Developer Options.
Lets quickly look at 'How To Enable Developer Options On Android Device',
The first thing is,
 Open Phone's Setting > About Phone > Build Number (Tap 7 Times On Build Number).
And then you will get developer options at your phone setting, Before About Phone Option.

2nd ➽ Smart Lock Feature :-

Smart lock is super useful tool. Smart lock gives you offer to keep your device unlocked when it's safe with you.
Smart lock works with Trusted Place, Trusted Device And Trusted Face.
It means just unlocked at once and your device stay as long as you keep holding your device or carry it on you.
How to set smart lock ?
First of all,
Open Phone Setting > Security > Trust Agents (Make Sure That 'Smart Lock' Is Switched On) > Go To Back In Security (Tap Back) > Smart Lock > (Chose Your Pattern , Password Or Pin) > On Body Detection > Enable It (Enable 'On Body Detection') > Trusted Place > Add Trusted Place (Make Sure Your GPS Is Switched On) > Tap Back > Trusted Device (You Can Add Your Bluetooth Device Like Smart Watch, Bluetooth Speakers Etc.) > Add Trusted Device.

3rd ➽ Encrypt Phone :-

Google's Android Gives you offer for Encryption, Encryption make your phone or tablet more secure. Encryption stores your phone's data in an unreadable. If Hackers hack your phone, They will not be able to read your phone data.
You can easily set encryption feature in your phone or tablet. You can encrypt your account, Settings, Applications (App), Media and Other Files.

  How to set phone encryption feature ?
  First To All,
  Open Phone Setting > Security > Encrypt Phone > Encrypt Phone.

Note :- ⦿Your Device Battery Must be at least 85% charged.
             ⦿ If your device is rooted. Be sure to unroot before continuing.
             ⦿ If You Interrupt it, You will lose your all data.
             ⦿  After encryption,There is no way to remove encryption. The only way to decrypt is to                          preform a factory data reset, Erasing all  your data.

4th ➽ Turn On Anti -Theft Feature :-

It's a super useful tool, If you lost your phone or anyone steal your phone, Then Anti-Theft feature will help you. 
You can lock the phone and wipe all your data remotely.
First To All,
Open Phone's Setting > Security > Mobile Anti-Theft > Set The Anti-Theft Pin > Set Emergency Contact (When Sim Cards Are Changed Notification Will Be Sent To Emergency Contact) > Trick The Option > Send Message.
After That, You will be able to wipe all your data remotely by using emergency number.

5th ➽ Charge Your Phone In Airplane Mode :-

Do You Know ?
You can charge your phone 40 times faster in airplane mode. 
Because Airplane Mode Turn off all radio frequencies inside your phone.
So while, You can't receive Calls, Sms and Data.

6th ➽ Screen Pinning Feature :-

Screen Pinning is an other  useful feature of android. It locks or pins the screen to a particular application (App). It means, You can't access any other application, 
It is different to Kids Mode in Samsung Device. 
To Set Screen Pinning :-
Open Phone's Setting > Security > Screen Pinning > On.

7th ➽ Data Protection :-

Android gives you a super feature, That called Data Protection.
You can secure your media files (Photos, Videos, Songs etc.) without any help of 3rd Party Applications.
First To All, 
Open Phone Setting > Security > Data Protection >  Choose Your Password > Select Files > Hide.
After That, The selected files will never show in your file manager. 

8th ➽ Multi Window Support :-

This is the most latest feature. You can get multi window, If you'r using Android Nougat. 
You can resize your all activities by using Multi Window feature, And you can use two app at the same time.
To Set Multi Window Feature :-
First To All, 
Open Setting > Developer Options > Force Activities to Be Resizable > On.
After That, You will be able to use Multi Window feature. 

9th ➽ Left Hand Mode  :-

If yo Left handed person, And if you want to switch your phone's layout to right to left, 
So android's left hand feature will help you,
First To All.
Open Setting > Developer Options > Force RTL Layout Direction > Enable It. 
It might be helpful for left handed person. 

10th ➽ Inactive Application :-

Almost every App (Favorite Or Non Favorite) are constantly running in the background and also use your cellular data and reduce battery life.
Android's Inactive App feature closes all background applications, And it works every time when your phone stay on sleep mode. 
To Enable Inactive Application :-
Go To Setting > Developer Options > Inactive App (Just Select The App That You Want To Make Inactive).

So Friends,
In this article, You learned about "Top 10 Hidden Secrets About Android". And if you have any question, you can ask me in comment section.

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