Top 10 Facebook Hacks, Everyone Should Know.

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World most popular social site is Facebook with over 1.59 Billion monthly active user. It is making our life more easier. Facebook is playing important role in our life. You can connect globally with Facebook
You can do lots of thing on Facebook.

In this article, I will tell you "some hacks about Facebook". You can easily follow it. It will make your life more easier.
It is time to start using Facebook like professionals.

1st➤ Hide Your Last Seen :-

Last year Facebook launched a new feature, And people know your last active time by using this feature.
This is a default feature, But if you want to hide your last seen.
So you can hide your last seen by using unseen extension ( Only Chrome Web Browser Support this Feature ).
First to all,
Open your Facebook account on chrome browser > Download unseen extension and add with chrome browser 
After added, Your friend will no longer be able to see your if you read their message.

2nd ➤ Remove Third Party Apps :-

If you want to remove all third party applications, Which are connected with your Facebook account.
You can easily do it.
You need to go in,
Account Setting > Apps > Logged In With Facebook >  Choose app  (You can see all third party apps, which are connected with your Facebook) > Remove It . 

3rd ➤ Check Your Active Session :-

If you forget to sign out ( Log Out ) of your Facebook account from a public computer or friend's phone.
Don't Worry Boss
Facebook's Active Session Will help you. You can see your active session and if you see an unfamiliar device or location, Remove it to end its session.

For Active Session,
 Account Setting > Security > Where You're Logged In > Remove It ( you can see all devices and location, where you're logged in, If you see unfamiliar device or location, Remove it to end its session).

4th ➤ Block Game Request :- 

People playing games have the option to invite others to play.
If anyone send invitation for you on Facebook, And you don't want play or want block all gaming request, You can do in some steps.

First To All
Open Account Setting > Apps > Platform > Games and Apps Notification > Edit >  Turn Off .

5th ➤ Post Blank Status Or Blank Comment :- 

If you want to post a Blank status or want to post a blank comment on anyone.
Yes you can do.
First to all go to comment or status filed, Where you want to post status or comment.
Then type   @+[0:0: ]   and then remove '+' sign, (This Trick Is Only For Phone)
And See The Magic

6th ➤ Set Legacy Contact :-

If you want to choose a family member or close friend to care for your account if something happens to you. Today, Facebook made it possible to add a legacy contact feature.

A Legacy Contact Can :
⦿ Change Your Profile Picture.
⦿ Change Your Cover Photo.
⦿ Write A Pinned Post On Your Profile.
⦿ Respond To Friend Requests.

A Legacy Contact Can't
⦿ Read your Facebook Messenger Conversation.
⦿ Log Into Your Account.
⦿ Remove Or Edit Existing Post Om Your Profile.
⦿ Delete Friends From Your Account.

For set up a Legacy Contact,
Open Account Setting > Security > Legacy Contact  > (Than Enter Person's Name And Top On Them When They Pop Up )   Choose Legacy Contact (The Person Will Become Your Legacy Contact) 

7th ➤ Take Backup Of  Your Account  :-

If you want to take backup of your all Facebook ( Photo, Video, SMS, Status ).
You can easily do it, Just follow these steps ( These All Steps You Can Do With Your Computer ).
First To All Open,

Account Setting > General >  Click On "Download A Copy Of Your Facebook Data" ( At The Bottom Of General Account Setting)   > Click "Start My Archive" > Re-enter Your Password Than Submit > Start My Archive ( It May Take Little While) > Okay. 

8th ➤ Secret Conversation :- 

Facebook messenger give you offer for secret message. If you want a secret conversation in messenger is encrypted end-to-end, which means the message are intended just for you and the other, Not anyone else.
You can do it in some short steps, (Only  Facebook Messenger Has Support Secret Conversation Feature).
First to all open,
Conversation with the person you want to have secret conversation with >  Tap On  â„¹  (In The Top Right Of The Conversation) > Tap Secret Conversation. 
You can also set a timer to have your message disappear from the conversation.

9th ➤ Lock Your Wall 

If you want to prevent your friends from posting on your timeline, You can lock your wall and prevent your friends from posting.
Follow these steps,

Open Account Setting > Timeline And Tagging > Who Can Post Your Timeline > Then Select "Only Me"
Then No One will post on your timeline.

10th ➤ Turn On 2-Step Verification 

Facebook give you offer for 2-Step Verification , 2-step verification is very important for prevent unauthorized access.
If someone know your password and want to open your account, Then 2-step verification will prevent to these unauthorized access.
You can follow these steps and can get 2-step verification feature.
First to all,

Open Account Setting > Security > Login Approvals >  Edit > Add Your Phone Number > Two-factor authentication is currently disable (Enable It) > Okay   

So Friends
In this article, You learned about "Top 10 Facebook Hacks". Try It and be safe
So if you have any question, you can ask me in comment section.

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