Top 10 Best YouTube Tips And Tricks, Everyone Should Know.

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YouTube is the most popular video sharing website in the world. No one popular as YouTube, And YouTube are becoming a part of life.
People spend most of time on YouTube.
No doubt, YouTube is making our life easier, But do you know all the tricks of YouTube.
There are some YouTube tips and tricks, You can follow it and make your life more easier and more faster.

1st ➤  YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts :- 

If You Don't want to use mouse, So these keyboard shortcuts are very useful for you.
Check out this list of  keyboard shortcuts to make your YouTube experience more better.
Note :- These Shortcut Will Only Work When The Video Player Is In Focus. 

⦿ To Pause/Play The Video:-
If you want to pause while the video is playing, Press 'K' Or  'Space-bar' then video will stop automatically and if you want to play the video again, Press the same keys

⦿ Go Forward 10 Second :-
Video is boring and you want to go forward for 10 second. Press 'L' on your keyboard.

⦿ Go Back 10 Second :-
If you want to go 10 Second Back, Press 'J' on your keyboard.

⦿ To Increase Volume 5% :-
If you want to increase 5% volume, Press 'Up Arrow' key on keyboard.

⦿ To Decrease Volume 5% :-
If volume is loud and you want to decrease 5% volume, Press 'Down Arrow' key on keyboard.

⦿ To Make The Video Full Screen :-

Use 'F' to make the video full screen.

⦿ To Exit Full Screen :-

Use 'Esc' to exit full screen.

⦿ To Restart Video 

If you want to restart the video after video played, Press '0' (Zero) on the keyboard.

⦿ Move The Next Video In The Play List :-

If you want to go next on next video, Press 'Shift+N' on the  keyboard.

⦿ Move To The Previous Video In The Playlist :-

If you want to go on previous video, Press 'Shift+P' on the keyboard.

2nd ➤ Make GIF From YouTube Videos :- 

GIF file is very popular on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
But do you know, You can make GIF file from YouTube videos ?
Yes you can do it in some easy steps. Just follow it

Select the video you'd like to turn into a GIF file and make a small change to the URL.
Just Add 'GIF' after WWW and before YouTube.
Press Enter.
You will automatically redirect to Then click on the timeline and select start and end time for your GIF.
When you're satisfied, Then click to 'Create GIF'
You can download your GIF file and Share it.

3rd ➤ Create Floating YouTube Playing.

It is not a YouTube feature but you can also do (Only Chrome Web Browser Has Support This Feature) with extensions.
Download Extension 'Floating For YouTube' > Then Click On 'Add To Chrome' 
After Added You will be able for Floating.

4th ➤ Drunk YouTube :-

Most Coolest YouTube Trick,
Simply open YouTube and type in search bar 'Use The Force Luke'.
And then see the magic.

5th ➤ Download YouTube Videos :-

You can simply download YouTube without using of any 3rd party application.
Make some small changes in URL.
Just add 'SS' after www and before youtube, 
And then you will automatically redirect to, And then download your video.

6th ➤ Test Tube 

Test Tube is a feature of  YouTube.
Test Tube give you offer, You can test all upcoming test all upcoming features of YouTube and send them Feedback regarding what need to change or what would like to see next

Just Type ''  On Search Engine,
And use all upcoming features of YouTube. 

7th ➤ Lean Back :- 

If you don't want to see YouTube's old template.
Don't worry,
YouTube Lean Back Feature Will Help You .

Just Type '' On search engine,
And see the magic. YouTube's template will change into a new template.

8th ➤ :- is my favorite site. solve a very common problem, The site identify music in any video.
It is easy to use, Just copy YouTube URL and paste the URL into 

9th ➤ Turn Off Auto-Play :-

Auto-Play is a feature of YouTube .
Auto-play feature automatically play another related video based on your viewing history,
Do you want to off auto-play feature on YouTube ?
It's very simple. To Disable the Feature,

⦿   For Computer
Click To The Auto-Play Slider Switch That Sits At The Top Of Right-Hand Column Of Up         Next Videos.   (For Computer)

⦿ For Smartphone 
Open YouTube Application > Click To The Menu Bar (Three Dots) > Setting > General > AutoPlay (Turn Off)

10th ➤ Keep All Your Information Private :-

It is very important part for everyone.
Yes you can keep all your information private on YouTube such as Liked videos, Saved videos and Subscription.
First to all,
Open YouTube > Setting > Privacy > And 'Check' The all Options. 

So Friends,
In this article, You learned about "Top 10 Best YouTube Tips And Tricks". And if you have any question, you can ask me in comment section.

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