How To Stop unwanted Calls ?

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In this article, I will tell you about "How To Stop unwanted Calls"?

Are you getting calls from unknown numbers (Spam calls, Telemarketing calls and other Unknown sources) ?
If you have worried about these problem, And do you find from where that person is calling ?

Now we are living in 21st century and we have many option to identify unknown sources.
There are many free application in play store and i-store . It will work for you. You can use it to identify that person and block their calls and sms.

1st ➤ Truecaller :

Over 100 million user use truecaller. It is a free application, You can download it from Playstore.
This smart app will automatically identify every unknown calls and block spam calls and telemarketer's calls and sms.
Use truecaller to my recommendation and see, Who's calling and block their calls and sms.

             Rating On Playstore :-  4.5 Out Of 5
                   Number Of User :-  100 Million

2nd ➤ Call Blocker : 

You can download call blocker on playstore. It is a free application. Call blocker can reject unwanted calls for you.
Easy to use and very effective. If you want to block unwanted calls, This is the app.
Call blocker give you offer, If you want to reject calls from anyone, Just add there number in blacklist then call blocker do the job.

            Rating On Playstore :-  4.6 Out Of 5
                  Number Of User :-      5 Million 

3rd ➤ Mr. Number :

Mr. Number act as same TrueCaller. Mr. Number is a powerful application for block calls and spam, Mr. Number can block both things (Calls And SMS). Mr. Number can automatically identify spam and Advertiser's call and block them.
This is easy to use and useful app.

             Rating On Playstore :-          4.3 Out Of 5
                   Number Of User :-            10 Million 

4th ➤ Should I Answer :-

One of the most useful app. I have been recommending to family and friends. You can download it from playstore, It is a free app.
 Should I Answer protecting you against spam, Unwanted and Unknown calls. It can block calls to foreign countries and negative rated numbers.
             Rating On Playstore :- 4.8 Out Of 5
                   Number Of User :-      1 Million

5th ➤ Whoscall :- 

Whoscall is one of them. You can download it from playstore, and can know who is calling.
If you want, You can block their calls and sms very easily.
whoscall help you to block unwanted calls, Spam calls, Telemarketer's calls and sms.
One Of The Best App In 2013 On Google Playstore in 8 Countries.

              Rating On Playstore :- 4.4 Out Of 5
                    Number Of User :-    10 Million 

6th ➤ Mobile Number Locator :

If you have not internet connection, Mobile number locator will help you
It is a offline application. You can download it from playstore.
It help you to search and track mobile STD Code and ISD Code without internet. It will display location of caller with service provider.

            Rating On Playstore :-  3.8 Out Of 5
                  Number Of User :-     10 Million 

So Friends
In this article, You learned about "How To Stop unwanted Calls". And if you have any question, you can ask me in comment section.

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