How To Remove Scratches From Camera Lenses ??

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If you buy a good camera or a good camera phone, But your picture have been looking bad and blurry.
Opps Problem !!!😞😞😞
Don't Worry Friends 
You can clean your camera lens very easily and then see the result.
So friends,
In this article, I am telling 5 tips, And you can follow these tips very easily and make your pic more sharper and more clear.

TIPS NO. 1 ➤  Toothpaste: 

You can use Toothpaste to clean your camera lenses. It is a very common but very useful thing in our house.
You can use Toothpaste with Cotton Buds, Paste into the scratch area and rub with cotton bud in clockwise for 2 Minute and then clean the lens with cold water.

TIPS NO. 2 ➤  Vaseline: 

Vaseline is a petroleum jelly, Vaseline can help protect minor cuts and burns. You can use it to remove scratches from camera lens.
First to all, Clean your hand then cover the all scratched area with Vaseline by the help of your fingers and gently wipe of the Vaseline with cotton bud.

TIPS NO. 3 ➤ Eraser:

You can use Pencil Eraser to heal the all scratches from camera lens. First to all you have required a soft and unused pencil eraser, Gently move the eraser on scratched area for 30-40 Second and then clean with microfiber cloths.

TIPS NO. 4 ➤ Rubbing Alcohol:

Rubbing Alcohol is Isopropyl Alcohol or Ethanol based liquid. You can use to remove scratches from camera lens.
    Question:    How To Use Rubbing Alcohol ?
     Answer :    One Part of Rubbing Alcohol mix with 20 part of water to dilute it, And dip a cotton     bud in dilute alcohol and then gently rub on scratched area, Almost repeat it 5-6 time.

TIPS NO. 5➤ Scratch Remover: 

Market are full to many Scratch Remover companies and their products. You can buy it online and offline also. Simply apply some Scratch Remover and gently polish with microfiber cloths or cotton buds.

                 1st:  Don't use oil for removing scratches.
                        2nd:  Don't use water for removing scratches.

In this article, You learned about " How to remove scratches from camera lenses ". And if you have any question, you can ask me in comment section.

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