How To Protect Yourself From Hackers ?

Now we are living in IT ( Information Technology ) world and information is everything for us.

Social sites, Application and software are making our life easier. But the problem is, There is nothing hardware or software. that is unhackable. Hackers can hack it very easily and steal your information and important data. If you want, you can protect yourself from hackers or at least make it more difficult for them.

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In this article, I am telling you " How To Protect Yourself From Hackers" or make it more and more difficult.
You can follow these important tips very easily, And protect yourself from hackers.

1 ➤ Change Your Password Regularly: 

Do you change your password  regularly ?
If answer is no, So it become a bad news for you.
Many people do a very common mistake, They create a hard password and they never change it.
So please change your password regularly, And make a strong password. But one password that you can remember is hard enough. Password Management Services such as (Log Me Once Password Management or Last Pass) can help you for the a better password, Password management services easily store your password and keep it securely.

2 ➤  Choose  Strong Password: 

One strong password is always better than a small password. Choose a strong password, no one easily guess, Password should be at least eight-to-ten characters long or more longer. Longer password even more secure. Use at least one capital letter, One lowercase letters. You can use special characters such as ( @,#,%,&).

3 ➤ Turn On 2-Step Verification Or Two Factor Authentication: 

You really need to turn it on for your security from unauthorized accessing. 2-Step verification is one of the best  way to prevent unauthorized access, If someone know your password and want to access your account then 2-Step verification will prevent this unauthorized access.
It is easy and very useful tool. Almost every sites give you offer for 2-Step verification, You can use it.

4 ➤  Use An Anti-Virus

 Virus can cause any serious damage such as hacking and deleting important data

Computer Virus is a malicious software program which is written intentionally to enter a computer without the user's permission.
Spyware virus can steal your information like (Username and Password)
An Anti-virus software is like a Super-Guard that identifies and destroys viruses in your computer, An Anti-Virus protect your computer from harmful viruses such as spywares, Adware, Trojans Malware, And worms.
An good Anti-Virus play many roles in your computer and keep secure your computer.
Market has full of many popular anti-virus company and their products. You can buy it online or offline.

5 ➤  Don't Use Public Wi-Fi 
     Also Read "How to Protect Youe Wi-Fi from Hackers"

Public Wi-Fi is very common thing in Airport, Coffee Cafe, Station And many popular areas.
But  are they safe ?
According to a survey, Mostly public Wi-Fi are not secure or less secure.
So it is not great news for you.
On the other hand, If you are using public Wi-Fi , Don't do your online banking transaction, Debit Credit card details for online shopping or anything sensitive information.
Hackers can hack it very easily and steal your banking information or your sensitive information.
So Avoid public Wi-Fi, It's good for you and your shafty.


➤ If Bluetooth device are not in use, Turn off Bluetooth.
➤ If your work have done, Turn off you Wi-Fi.
➤ Update your phone regularly.
➤ Always clear your browser history, And be careful using thumb drive (Pen Drive).
➤ Avoid to use public computer.

In this article, You learned about " How To Protect Yourself  From Hackers". And if you have any question, you can ask me in comment section.

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