How To Protect Your Wi-Fi From Hackers ???

Networking make it easy to share internet access and data, But you would't want to share your information and data with anyone.

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In this article, I will tell you "How To Protect Your Wi-Fi From Hackers" and neighbor also.

In 21st century everyone want to use internet without pay any money. They hack your Wi-fi very easily and use internet without pay any money.
So if you want to protect your Wi-Fi from those people, You Can follow these tips and protect your Wi-Fi from hacking.

1 ➤ Change Your Router's Default Name And Password : 

Almost every router comes with a default username and password, Ex ( Linksys Default Password Is Admin ). Hackers knows these default password very well and they will try them to access your router and change your network setting. So you need to change them both. If you'r not changing router's default username and password, Maybe 90% chance to  hack your router by hackers.

2 ➤ Change The Default SSID ( Service Set Identifier ) :

Your router have a default SSID ( Service Set Identifier ) set by manufactures. The SSID ( Service Set Identifier ) is name of wireless network. Don't use the router's default network name, hackers know these defaults and can use to join your network and they have specific software and tools to join into your network just by knowing your default SSID ( Service Set Identifier ) name. So change the network's SSID ( Service Set Identifier ),  Set a unique SSID  ( Service Set Identifier ) and be safe from hackers.

3 ➤ Always Turn On Your Firewall : 

Almost 90% router has own built-in Firewall with advanced security. Firewall protect your internet network from network attackers, Outside attackers and malicious software. So please on your firewall and be safe from network attackers and outside attackers.

4 ➤  Enable WPA ( Wi-Fi Protected Access ) Encryption : 

Encryption makes your wireless network more secure than without encryption. WEP ( Wired Equivalent Privacy ) and WPA ( Wi-Fi Protected Access ) give you offer to different levels of security for wireless communication.
So the question is, Which one is better for security? 
Here is the answer,   WPA ( Wi-Fi Protected Access ) is more secure than  WEP ( Wired Equivalent Privacy ), Because  WPA ( Wi-Fi Protected Access ) Uses dynamic key encryption 

5 ➤ Enable MAC ( Media Access Control ) Address Filtering : 

Almost every router gives you ability to enable  MAC ( Media Access Control ) filtering. MAC ( Media Access Control ) is a unique 48 BIT address assigned to each network device. MAC ( Media Access Control ) Address Filtering register the Hardware MAC Address of your device, And only devices with know MAC Address will connect to the your network.

6 ➤ Use Strong Password :

You need to choose a strong password with includes numbers, Symbols and use both letters ( Capital And Small ). A long password and a unique password is always better and secure than a short password and a normal password. Don't write your password at everywhere and Don't share your password and change it regularly.

So friends in this article, You learned about " How To Protect Your Wi-Fi From Hackers " so use it and be safe from hackers. And you have any question you can ask me in comment section 

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