How To Make Your Computer Super Fast ?

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Are you using computer ?
If you are using computer and facing so many hanging issues, There nothing more frustrating then a sluggish computer.

Don't worry about it..
In this article, I will tell you "How To Make Your Computer Super Fast".
Yes you can do it very easily in some small steps.

1 ➤  Uninstall Unused Software: 

Old computer has full of many unused software and program and you can never used these programs. Some software and programs always run in background, You can uninstall these unused software and application and make your computer fast again.
To Remove All Unnecessary Software,  Open Control Panel > Program > Uninstall A Program > Choose Unused Software  > uninstall it. 
It is simple and useful method.

2 ➤ Disk Cleanup: 

Disk cleanup is a tool for removing unwanted and unused file such as temporary internet files, Files in recycle bin and thumps nails and setup log files.
To Access Disk Utility, Type Disk Cleanup in the search box of start menu > Disk Cleanup Dialog box allow you to choose the drive which you want to clean 
Then it scan unwanted file in the selected drive and shows a page with the list of to delete.

It's simple and very useful method.

3 ➤ Disk defragmenting: 

This is very important tools.If disks and storage devices are fragmented, your computer works slow.
Disk defragmenter rearranges the fragmented data on the disks. It will increase the efficiency of disk.
You can defragment all type of storage device such as Hard-Disk, USB storage device, Pen-Drives And Virtual Disk.
For Defragmenting the disk you can click on the > properties of respected disk > Tool > Defragmentation Now

4 ➤ Add More Ram ( Random Access Memory ) :

 Ram stand for Random Access Memory. RAM is a semiconductor-based memory, Where the CPU or other hardware devices can read and write data. It temporarily stores data, Once the system turn off it loses data. If you have not enough RAM so as the result you have to face hanging issues. Add extra RAM and increase your computer's performance.
                                            Extra RAM Gives You More Power

5 ➤ Install A Good Anti-virus:

Viruses make your computer slow, Virus can cause any serious damage
Computer Virus is a malicious software program which is written intentionally to enter a computer without the user's permission.
Virus can destroy anything in your computer.
An Anti-virus software is like a Super-Guard that identifies and destroys viruses in your computer, An Anti-Virus protect your computer from harmful viruses such as spywares, Adware, Trojans Malware, And worms.
An good Anti-Virus play many roles in your computer and keep secure your computer.

 In this article, You learned about " How to Make Your Computer Super Fast ". And if you have any question, you can ask me in comment section.

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