How To Buy Best Smartphone For Himself ?

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Are you buying a smartphone for yourself ? 
            But the big issue is market has full of  many smart phone companies and their products. Almost everyday one smart phone has launched in India, so which one of the best for you.
I will tell you some points, you can follow it very easily and use it to buying a best smartphone for yourself.

1 ➤ The First Thing Is An Operating System (OS): "An operating system (OS) is system software that mange phone or computer hardware and software resources and provide common service for smart phone or computer". In simple "the operating system act as an interface between the user, application programs, hardware and system peripherals". The two type of Operating system are very popular 
➧ Apple's IOS ( High Range )
➧ Google's Android ( High, Medium And Low Range )

Only Apple's iphone runs on IOS. It's better than android almost every filed, Secure than android, Faster than android, More user friendly than android and the last thing is more expensive than android .
So if your budget is more than 40000 ₹   you can go and buy apple's iphone with full of happiness.

 The most popular OS ever. If you can't afford a iphone, no problem you have 2nd option . Yes I'm talking about Android. Almost 97% of smart phone makers use Android OS and its comes with all ranges according to your budget and your uses.

2 ➤ Processor: Their are two processor making companies make processor for almost every smartphone 
➧ Qualcomm Snapdragon  ( Medium And High Range )
➧ Media Tek ( Low And Medium Range )
Which one is better Snapdragon or Media Tek ? 
So if your budget are about 10,000₹ or less than 10,000 ₹ you can go with Media Tek, But many smartphone companies are offering  Qualcomm Snapdragon processor in this price range. According to me Media Tek is best in this price range. Other hand if your budget are more than 10,000 ₹ or
 20,000 ₹ or 30,000 ₹ or  50,000 ₹ in that condition you can go with Qualcomm because Qualcomm is the best in every field to this price range.

➤ Display: Display is many important thing in smartphone, A good display makes your photo and video more sharp and clear. PPI ( Pixles Per Inch ) is a measurement pixle density ( Resolution ) of an electronic image device such as display and computer monitor etc.
                   More PPI = More Sharpness And                                          More Clarity 
You can take FHD ( Full High Definition ) or QHD ( Quad High Definition ) display or 4K. It's best value for money 

4 ➤ RAM ( Random Access Memory ): How Much RAM Do You Really Need ?
Answer is according to your uses, If you are a normally smartphone user and you use internet and do very basic work so 2 GB or 3 GB RAM are enough for you. But if you are hardcore gamer and multitasker so in this condition 4 GB Or Higher will enough for you.

5 ➤  Camera: Smartphone camera plays very important role in our life. We all love to take photo and selfies. Many Smartphone come with good camera, And the other hand many Smartphones companies launched smartphones with dual camera setup.One for primary camera and one for second primary camera. The both camera works very fast and very clear. 
Two are always better than one. 
             More Mega-Pixles = More clarity And Best Quality 

6 ➤  Battery: Battery plays most important roles in any smartphone. If your smartphone have good processor, best camera and better display without a good battery life so in this condition your phone are totally worst for you.
Many smartphones come with good battery life and quick charge supported feature. You can take smartphone which have 3000 MAh Battery or higher.

7 ➤ Finger Print Scanner For Security: In 21st century security is very important for us and finger print scanner is very important part of any smartphone. It also come with low prices smartphones and it works fast. accurate and very smoothly. You can secure your all apps, images, videos, and documents with finger print scanner. 

In this article you learned about some points, You can use it to buying a best smartphone. And If you have any question you can ask me in comment section 

                                                                                  THANK YOU🌝🌝    

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