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Top 10 Secret Facts About Apple.

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Apple is really a big giant at now.
Apple is a most Valuable,  Most Profitable and the Most Largest IT (Information Technology) company in the world. And it's more famous than other companies

But do you know all secret about Apple ?
Mostly people don't know about these secrets and interesting Facts.
Well Guys,
In this article, I will tell you "Top 10 Interesting  Facts About Apple".

1st ✴  Apple Was Founded By Three Founders :-

Mostly people know, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are founder of Apple.Inc,
But mostly don't know, Apple was founded by three founders in 1976.
1st      Steve Jobs 
2nd     Steve Wozniak 
3rd      Ronald Wayne
After 2 weeks, Ronald Wayne left Apple.Inc and sold his 10% market share of Apple for $800 USD.
The most shocking part is that, His share would now be worth over $76 Billion USD.

2nd ✴  Apple Has More Cash Than US (United State) Treasury :-

Do you Know Apple has lots of cash than The US Governm…

Top 10 Secret Android Tips And Tricks

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Almost Maximum number of user use Android devices(Phones And Tablets). No doubt, It's the most popular smartphone Operating system in the world.
But do you know all the secrets about android ?
Maximum user don't know about these tricks.
So Friends,
In this article, I will tell you "Top 10 Secrets About Android". And you can simply follow it, Because these all tips are very important and very useful.

1st ➽ Enable Developer Option:-
Do you know about it ?
This is a hidden feature of android. If you want to take more control of your device, So i'm suggesting for android built-in feature, Developer Options.
Lets quickly look at 'How To Enable Developer Options On Android Device',
The first thing is,
 Open Phone's Setting > About Phone > Build Number (Tap 7 Times On Build Number).
And then you will get developer options at your phone setting, Before About Phone Option.

2nd ➽ Smart Lock Feature :-

Top 15 Hidden Secrets About Google.

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Google is the most popular website in the world. According to Alexa Global Ranking, Google is also the most viewed website in the world with 4.5 Billion active user. It's playing most important role in our life and making our life very easier.
But do you know all secret tips and tricks about google ?
Don't worry,
In this article, I will tell you "15 Best Secret Tips And Tricks About Google".
That will make your life more easier and more interesting.

1st ➽ Zerg Rush :-

It's my favorite, Zerg Rush is the best fun tool.
Zerg Rush is a playable game created by google with small 'o' characters, That destroy your search result. But You can stop those characters by clicked with mouse pointer.
Just Try 'Zerg Rush'  Or type 'Zerg Rush' in search bar and then click on "I'm feeling lucky" and play this interesting game.

2nd ➽ Google Gravity :- 

Google gives you a secret feature, that called '…

Top 7 Hacks About WhatsApp.

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So Friends,
Whatsapp messenger is a free messaging app. It's a most popular messaging application in the world.
More than 1 billion people in over 180 Countries use whatsapp to stay in touch with friends, Family and Relatives .
Whatsapp is making our life easier. It support many several features like free calls (Use Internet Data), Video calls, Group chats etc.

But Do You know Some Hacks About Whatsapp ?
In this article, I will tell you "Some Best Hacks About Whatsapp".

1st ➽ Hide Your Profile Picture :-

This is very important feature for every WhatsApp user. If you don't want, Other People (Who Are Not In Your Contact List) see your profile picture.
You can easily hide your profile picture.
Just Open WhatsApp And Click To,
Menu Bar (Three Dots At Corner) > Setting  > Account > Privacy > Profile Photo > Click On 'My Contacts'.
And If you want , No one can see your profile Picture
Just Open &…

Top 10 Best YouTube Tips And Tricks, Everyone Should Know.

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So Friends,
YouTube is the most popular video sharing website in the world. No one popular as YouTube, And YouTube are becoming a part of life.
People spend most of time on YouTube.
No doubt, YouTube is making our life easier, But do you know all the tricks of YouTube.
There are some YouTube tips and tricks, You can follow it and make your life more easier and more faster.

1st ➤YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts :- 

If You Don't want to use mouse, So these keyboard shortcuts are very useful for you.
Check out this list of  keyboard shortcuts to make your YouTube experience more better.
Note :- These Shortcut Will Only Work When The Video Player Is In Focus. 

⦿ To Pause/Play The Video:-
If you want to pause while the video is playing, Press 'K' Or  'Space-bar' then video will stop automatically and if you want to play the video again, Press the same keys

⦿ Go Forward 10 Second :-
Video is boring and you want to go forward for …

Top 10 Facebook Hacks, Everyone Should Know.

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World most popular social site is Facebook with over 1.59 Billion monthly active user. It is making our life more easier. Facebook is playing important role in our life. You can connect globally with Facebook
You can do lots of thing on Facebook.

In this article, I will tell you "some hacks about Facebook". You can easily follow it. It will make your life more easier.
It is time to start using Facebook like professionals.

1st➤ Hide Your Last Seen :-

Last year Facebook launched a new feature, And people know your last active time by using this feature.
This is a default feature, But if you want to hide your last seen.
So you can hide your last seen by using unseen extension ( Only Chrome Web Browser Support this Feature ).
First to all,
Open your Facebook account on chrome browser > Download unseen extension and add with chrome browser 
After added, Your friend will no longer be able to see your if you read their message.

2nd ➤ …

How To Stop unwanted Calls ?

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In this article, I will tell you about "How To Stop unwanted Calls"?

Are you getting calls from unknown numbers (Spam calls, Telemarketing calls and other Unknown sources) ?
If you have worried about these problem, And do you find from where that person is calling ?

Now we are living in 21st century and we have many option to identify unknown sources.
There are many free application in play store and i-store . It will work for you. You can use it to identify that person and block their calls and sms.

1st ➤ Truecaller :

Over 100 million user use truecaller. It is a free application, You can download it from Playstore.
This smart app will automatically identify every unknown calls and block spam calls and telemarketer's calls and sms.
Use truecaller to my recommendation and see, Who's calling and block their calls and sms.

 Rating On Playstore :-4.5 Out Of 5
                   Number Of User :-  100 Million

2nd ➤ Cal…

Top 10 Best Search Engines In The World

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Search Engines are playing very very important role in our daily life.You can say that, Search engines now become a part of our life and people are becoming more depending on search engines.
It's making our life very easier and more faster.

Do You Anything Search On Google ?
I Am Also Use.🌝🌝🌝

But Google is not a single search engine in the world. Many search engine are there and they work better, But they are not more popular as google.
In this article, I am telling you about "Top 10 Best Search Engines In The World".

1 ➤ Google 

No doubt google is the most popular search engine in the whole world with 4.5 billion Active User. 
Google is also no.1 in Alexa Global Ranking, According to Alexa is most visited website in the world.
Google has supported 123 languages. First time, Google was launched in September 4, 1998 By Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

2 ➤ Yahoo

Yahoo is the second most popular search engine in the world. Yahoo is an Americ…

How To Protect Yourself From Hackers ?

Now we are living in IT ( Information Technology ) world and information is everything for us.

Social sites, Application and software are making our life easier. But the problem is, There is nothing hardware or software. that is unhackable. Hackers can hack it very easily and steal your information and important data. If you want, you can protect yourself from hackers or at least make it more difficult for them.

Hello Friends.🌝🌝🌝
In this article, I am telling you " How To Protect Yourself From Hackers" or make it more and more difficult.
You can follow these important tips very easily, And protect yourself from hackers.

1 ➤ Change Your Password Regularly: 

Do you change your password  regularly ?
If answer is no, So it become a bad news for you.
Many people do a very common mistake, They create a hard password and they never change it.
So please change your password regularly, And make a strong password. But one password that you can remember is hard enough. Password Manag…

How To Make Your Computer Super Fast ?

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Are you using computer ?
If you are using computer and facing so many hanging issues, There nothing more frustrating then a sluggish computer.

Don't worry about it..
In this article, I will tell you "How To Make Your Computer Super Fast".
Yes you can do it very easily in some small steps.

1 ➤  Uninstall Unused Software: 

Old computer has full of many unused software and program and you can never used these programs. Some software and programs always run in background, You can uninstall these unused software and application and make your computer fast again.
To Remove All Unnecessary Software,  Open Control Panel > Program > Uninstall A Program > Choose Unused Software  > uninstall it. 
It is simple and useful method.

2 ➤ Disk Cleanup: 

Disk cleanup is a tool for removing unwanted and unused file such as temporary internet files, Files in recycle bin and thumps nails and setup log files.
To Access Disk Utility, Type Disk Cleanup in the se…

How To Remove Scratches From Camera Lenses ??

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If you buy a good camera or a good camera phone, But your picture have been looking bad and blurry.
Opps Problem !!!😞😞😞
Don't Worry Friends 
You can clean your camera lens very easily and then see the result.
So friends,
In this article, I am telling 5 tips, And you can follow these tips very easily and make your pic more sharper and more clear.

TIPS NO. 1 ➤  Toothpaste: 

You can use Toothpaste to clean your camera lenses. It is a very common but very useful thing in our house.
You can use Toothpaste with Cotton Buds, Paste into the scratch area and rub with cotton bud in clockwise for 2 Minute and then clean the lens with cold water.

TIPS NO. 2 ➤  Vaseline: 

Vaseline is a petroleum jelly, Vaseline can help protect minor cuts and burns. You can use it to remove scratches from camera lens.
First to all, Clean your hand then cover the all scratched area with Vaseline by the help of your fingers and gently wipe of the Vaseline with cotton bud.

TIPS NO. 3 ➤ Eraser:


How To Protect Your Wi-Fi From Hackers ???

Networking make it easy to share internet access and data, But you would't want to share your information and data with anyone.
Hello Friends πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ In this article, I will tell you "How To Protect Your Wi-Fi From Hackers" and neighbor also.
In 21st century everyone want to use internet without pay any money. They hack your Wi-fi very easily and use internet without pay any money. So if you want to protect your Wi-Fi from those people, You Can follow these tips and protect your Wi-Fi from hacking.
1 ➤ Change Your Router's Default Name And Password : 
Almost every router comes with a default username and password, Ex ( Linksys Default Password Is Admin ). Hackers knows these default password very well and they will try them to access your router and change your network setting. So you need to change them both. If you'r not changing router's default username and password, Maybe 90% chance to  hack your router by hackers.
2 ➤ Change The Default SSID ( Service Set I…